Photo 1

Aardvark wandering during the night

Aardvark is a nocturnal animal who lives in a burrow. He has a fond of honey and termites. His favourite friend is Mole.


Season 1

  • Why Crocodile Has a Bumpy Back (first appearance, no lines)
  • Why Jackal Howls at the Moon
  • Why Vulture is Bald

Season 2

  • Why Hummingbird Hums (mentioned only)
  • Why Aardvark has a Sticky Tongue
  • Why Parrot Can't Keep his Secret
  • Why Bees Sting
  • Why Eagle Rules the Skies
  • Why Skunk Smells (No Lines)
  • Why Squirrel Gather Nuts
  • Why Meerkat is Always On Her Lookout
  • Why Cheetah has Tears (no lines)


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