Hen also known as Mama Hen is mother chicken. She can be shy and has three baby chicks. Her story is Why Hen Pecks the Ground. She is sad sometimes because of Snooty Peacock.


  • I may not have fancy feathers like you, Peacock, but at least I have friends.


Season 1

  • Why Hen Pecks the Ground
  • Why Bat Hangs Upside Down (mentioned only; baby chicks appear)
  • Why Warthog is so Ugly
  • Why Frog Croaks
  • Why Vulture is Bald
  • Why Crocodile has a Bumpy Back
  • Why Jackal Howls at the Moon
  • Why Hare Hops
  • Why Woodpecker Pecks (short speaking role)

Season 2

  • Why Hummingbird Hums (mentioned only)
  • Why Peacock Struts (cameo)
  • Why Aardvark has a Sticky Tongue
  • Why Eagle Rule the Skies
  • Why Skunk Smells (No Lines)
  • Why Cheetah has Tears (cameo)
BG Hare Sc 137

Hen and her Baby Chicks watching a race

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