Moon and Stars is Song from Why Woodpecker Pecks Sing by (Woodpecker pecking) and the animals


[Woodpecker pecking the sky to make stars and the moon]

Lion: Uh? What is that noise in the dead of night? What is going on?

Can some beast tell me what is going on?

Tortoise: Oh, Your Majesty, it has been one of the darkest nights in Tinga Tinga.

Elephant: The moon and the stars disappeared.

Lion: And what is that tapping sound?

Hippo: I don't know, but it's something to do with the stars coming back. that's for sure.


Tortoise: the stars are coming back. Ho-ho-ho!

Red Monkey: There's another one!

Hippo: Look!

Red Monkey: And another. 

Hippo: Look, a star!

Red Monkey: The stars are coming back. 

Hippo:  And another one.

All: Tinga, Tinga, lost in night We had no stars, had no light Now they've come, come to shine Shine their light on everyone Once was dark, now it's light On this magical Tinga night...

Tortoise: Elephant, the stars are coming back. Ho-ho-ho!

Monkeys: look, look.

Hippo: It's the moon.

Tortoise: Ho-ho The moon! Ho-ho-ho!

Hippo: Oh, the moon is back.

All: Tinga, Tinga, was lost in night

Tickbird: Lost in night

All: Now the moon

Lion: Now the moon 

All: Is shining bright It's so glorious, glorious Glorious, glorious...

Lion: How wonderful, all is good with the night again. Eagle, how did you do it?

                                                                    Eagle: It wasn't me.                                                        Lion: Owl, did you summon the moon?                                                  Owl: Oh, no, no, no, no, I was here all the time.                                        Lion: Well, it's a total mystery, then. What is she trying to say?                                                     [Woodpecker starts Pecking again]                                       Hippo: Oh, that's the same sound from the night sky.                                                 Tortoise: Woodpecker, was that you?                                                  Woodpecker: Eek... It was me! All: [gasps] Woodpecker spoke! Elephant: Woodpecker spoke! Woodpecker: I pecked on the sky and I made the stars. Then I pecked again and made the moon. Lion: Oh, thank you, Woodpecker. And now you have found your own special sound. A sound that is going to prove very useful in Tinga Tinga. Red Monkey: And that's why Woodpecker pecks. Woodpecker: I just wanted to do right. Eagle: I'm very proud of you, little bird. Tonight, you were the real star. Red Monkey: And Eagle? Well, that's a whole other story. All: Glorious, glorious, glorious....