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Tinga Tinga Tales is a Kenyan/British 52 episodes children's series based on African folk tales and aimed at 4- to 6-year olds. It was commissioned by the BBC for its CBeebies channel, and by Disney Channel for its Disney Junior block. Named after the Tingatinga art from Tanzania, it was made in Kenya by a studio of about 50 people.[citation needed]The series was first developed by Claudia Lloyd, head of animation at Tiger Aspect, while travelling through Africa. The first three episodes premiered on the BBC website in early February 2010. The distribution rights have been bought by Entertainment Rights.[1]Edward Saidi Tingatinga who started to paint in 1968 and later accepted 6 relatives as apprentices. After his sudden death in 1972 in 1976 followers of E.S. Tingatinga registered the "Tingatinga Paintings Partnership" in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania. Till today this organization can be found at BRELA, the Tanzanian Business Registration and Licensing Agency [1]. The successor of this organization of some painters is the Tingatinga Arts Cooperative Society (TACS).
Recent Activity
List of Characters (Tvo Kids and BBC CBeebies channel Version)

Eugine Muchiri as Red Monkey

Lenny Henry as Elephant/Buffalo

Patrice Naiambana as Lion

Shaun Parkes as Tortoise

Johnnie Fiori as Hippo

Tameka Empson as Tickbird

Ben Spybey as Orange Monkey

Faraaz Meghani as Yellow Monkey

Prince Abura as Bat

Wakanyote Njuguna as Frog

Kennie Andrews as Warthog

Catherine Wambua as Porcupine

Edward Kwach as Crocodile

Patrich Kayeki as Chameleon

Felix Dexter as Hare/Vulture

Miriam Margolyes as Giraffe/Squirrel

Junior Simpsons as Lizard

Ninia Benjamin as Eagle/Mosquito

Bhumi Patel as Bushbaby

Angelina Koinange (First appearance)/Sophie Okonedo (Second appearance)as Cheetah

Johnny Daukes as Snake/Aardvark/Puff Adder

Terence Reis as Jackal/Crab/Rhinoceros/Ants//The Wind/Wildebeest

Akiya Henry as Caterpillar/Butterfly/Flea/Woodpecker

Eddie Kadi as Zebra/Parrot

Flaminia Cinque as Flamingo

Janet Suzman as Ostrich

Paul Shearer as Camel

Achieng Abura as Crow

Corine Onyango as Dragonfly

Dona Croll as Leopard

Stephen K Amos as Hyena/Millipede

Maureen Lipman as Hummingbird

Anton Rice as Baboon

Cyril Nri as Peacock

Meera Syal as Owl

Jocelyn Jee Esien as Spider

Ruth Madoc as Whale

Rosemary Leach as Guinea Fowl

Sohine Thompson as Mole

Morwenna Banks as Meerkat

Lindiwe Brown Mkhize as Hen

Claudia Lloyd as Impala/Bees/Fishes

Derek Griffiths as Head Cricket/Skunk

Penleope Keith as Queen Bee

Peter King as Chief Ant

Eric Wainaina as Lieutenant

Tracy Rabar, Mikayla Odera, Cullie Ruto as Cheetah Cubs

Atemi Oyungu, Muthoni Mburu as Tinga Birds

Colin McFarlane as Majitu the Giant

Nonso Anozie as the Sleeping Stones

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